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  •  m24services Villas & villa communities

    M24 provides integrated facilities management services to Prestigious Luxury Villa communities like Montana Estate, Malabar Hills etc and Individual villas, ensuring the highest service delivery standards, as well as the most efficient cost base. M24 delivers as many services as possible in-house.

  • Comme" Commercial & Residential builders

    We are a trusted and reliable partner for all our client’s commercial& residential properties ranging from high-rise Apartment buildings to commercial officesand Warehouses, meeting their facilities management needs. We provide services throughout the entire life cycle of property management, starting from the Design & construction planning stage.

  •  m24services Retail

    Keeping stores & shopping mall in peak condition remains the top priority of commercial clients. M24 manages large shopping malls like Mall of Travancore and premium retail showrooms of Malabar Gold & Diamond Jewellery, offering variety of services to desired level, keeping client & its customer’s satisfaction intact.

  •  m24services Hospitality

    The integration of facilities management (FM) in the hospitality industry has been at the forefront of a global transformation. As a flagbearer for the services industry, the hospitality business barometer has been gauged and closely tied to the level of its guest experience on each facility and asset. FM has played a key role in fuelling the industry’s objective of ultimate guest experience and enhancing business continuity emanating from the asset upkeep. M24 is keen to enhance its horizon to hospitality industry shortly having strategic partnership with leading hotel groups.

  •  m24services Education

    Facilities management is an integral part of the overall management of the school. The actualization of the goals and objectives of education require the provision, maximum utilization and appropriate management of the facilities.A direct relationship exists between the quality of school facilities provided and the quality of the products of the school. The physical environment of a school is a major determining factor in the attainment of its objectives.

  •  m24services Healthcare

    Maintenance and facility management is imperative across hospitals and healthcare facilities to meet patient needs and regulatory standards. Medical Facilities and hospitals must respond quickly and efficiently to service requests and decrease downtime. Healthcare and facility management is constantly needed to maintain a clean and healthy environment. It is important for facilities management to ensure service requests are responded to quickly and efficiently and preventive maintenance schedules are set up in order to maintain operations without interruption.