Snagging & De-snagging

When a new property is taken over or bought, we offer our technical expertise to do a detailed snagging of the asset checking every nook & corner, reporting all defects related to construction and operational. De-snagging ensure rectification of all defects and utilise building contractor’s contractual obligations, warranty terms thus enhancing the life span of assets.

Insides matter, as much as the outsides. They reflect who you are to a large extent, making it doubly important to have the pros do it. Collaborate with us to bring out the best for you, the way you want it.


Documentation procedures

ensure the collecting, recording and filing of all data and information in a professional manner, allowing easy future reference to any assets or equipment in a facility.


Our activities strive to continually improve the condition of our client’s assets and their facilities, with the aim of increasing the overall standard of facilities to modern specifications and maximum efficiency. Thus, operation costs for our clients’ assets are reduced

Call Management

We manage the recording of complaints and requests from our client’s tenants using our computerised maintenance management system (CMMS) to facilitate the proper and timely assignment and completion of work

Warranty & Guarantee

We maintain records for all of our clients’ assets that allow certain claims under warranty, with proper maintenance of these records we can reduce management and operation costs

Value Added Services

  •     Valet parking for events

  •     Property Insurance claim management

  •     Property Management Solution on Rental & Resale

  •     Space management/Relocation assistance

  •     Utility bill payment assistance

We operate a centralised 24X7 call centre (1800 420 2424 Toll free) operation in our Calicut office to provide support to our client’s facilities using an asset management software system.