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Property Management

People can make their property a source of income instead of letting it lie idle or as in most cases like Flats – a drain on their financial resources by having to pay monthly maintenance fee and other associated fees – like Land tax, Building tax etc..

In order to make ones property sell-able or leas-able – the paper work need to be up to date and the property has to be presentable to potential buyers or lessors. At M24 PMS - We help you with your paperwork and also maintain your property in a sell-able or leas-able condition. With our vast network – we also help you in identifying and scrutinizing the background of potential buyers or lessees. In case of Lessors – we make sure your rentals are made on time – and deposited to your bank account or loan account as per your instructions - and thus eliminate the need for the lessor to follow up on payments.

Even empty plots can generate an income – if you lease it out to companies looking out for setting up warehouses or as parking lots or material storage for construction companies etc..


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  • Legal services

    We have a team of legal experts who can make sure that all your documents are in order – in case you are a seller or lessee. We can provide you with sound Legal Opinion regarding a property you wish to buy/rent – in case you are a buyer or lessor. We also prepare and execute rental agreements, sale deeds etc..

    Documentation services


    We have a team of surveyors who can provide you with accurate detailed sketches – including levels and contours using Total Station. Moreover we can provide you with the accurate location of your plot in the FMB ( Field Measurement Book ). We can also drop a pin on your site in Google maps so that potential buyers or lessors can not only locate your property – but can also get the directions and the nearest route to reach your property in the least time possible.


    We can check if all your Title deeds are in order. Moreover – in case of any missing back documents we can arrange for certified copies from the concerned SRO ( Sub Registrar Office ).


    As digitisation and Re-Survey is in full swing. For all future transaction – as well as for paying taxes etc.. Thandaper is a must. We help you obtain your unique Thandaper no. .


    We help you obtain the NLC from the Village Office or Taluk office to prove that there are no Liabilities or attachments on your property. The NLC from Taluk office carries more validity than NLC from Village Office.


    Under the Kerala conservation of paddy land and wetland act, 2008 – a lot of properties are frozen in the Draft Data Bank. No plan can be passed – or any development activities executed if the property is listed in the Draft Data Bank even if the property was filled or converted prior to 2008. In genuine cases - we help you to lift your property from the Draft Data Bank. We can make sure that your case is presented properly before the LLMC ( Local Level Monitoring Committee ) – and that too in a time bound manner so that your property is lifted from the Draft Data Bank and you can utilise it in a most advantageous manner.